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An excerpt from "To Be Remembered"

A clip from "To Be Remembered", Kelley's previous film, directed her sophmore year of high school.

Who's making this film?

Kelley Katzenmeyer is a nineteen-year-old American filmmaker and visual artist. As a high school senior, she won the 2010 YoungArts Gold Award in Cinema and was nominated as a Presidential Scholar in the Arts, meeting President Obama. During high school, her short film "To Be Remembered" screened at film festivals across America, including the Nashville Film Festival, one of the oldest, longest-running film festivals in the United States. After graduating from the NC School of the Arts in 2010, Kelley received a full scholarship from the U.S. Department of State to study abroad in South Korea. Recently accepted into Columbia University, she has deferred admission in order to direct a documentary feature film on Korean high school students. Currently, Kelley lives in Seoul, South Korea.

The film is being produced by Korean producer, Cheol-Young Kim.

Questions? E-mail Kelley.Katzenmeyer@gmail.com, or leave on comment on our film's Facebook Page.