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So how can I see the final film?

Help us get our film made by pledging to see it in advance! By donating, you'll be among the first to see the final film-- before it even goes to film festivals (that's pretty cool!) You'll also receive exciting rewards like hand written thank-you letters, souvenirs from Korea, and/or autographed copies of the film. Look to the right for a list of donation levels and their prizes.

If I donate, what exactly will my money be used for?

One of the special things about our film is that we're not just making a film ABOUT students- we're making a film WITH students. The money you donate will go to buying cameras and sound equipment to give Korean students so they can document their high school experience themselves.


When will the film be done?

We're not exactly sure when the film will be finished, but we're hoping sometime in 2013. E-mail kelley.katzenmeyer@gmail.com if you're curious and would like more info about the project.

Okay, you've got me hooked. Sounds like an awesome project. So if I donate, what are the rewards?

Check 'em out on the right-hand column of the page! Click to pledge the amount you choose. The link will take you to paypal, who will then send the money to us. Paypal will tell us what amount you donated, so we can send you the appropriate reward.

Pledge $10
A digital copy of the final film

Pledge $25

The film, plus a handwritten thank-you letter from Korea with a cute traditional Korean charm tucked inside (and other fun surprises).

Pledge $35

The film, plus a handwritten thank-you letter from Korea with a cute traditional Korean charm tucked inside. AND a copy of the director's first film, "To Be Remembered"

Pledge $150

A GIFT PACKAGE from Korea- including a fan, a stylish bookmark, cute charm, and a traditional-style coin purse. This also includes a personalized thank-you letter, the final film, and a copy of "To Be Remembered".

Pledge $500
All the excitement listed above, plus a SIGNED copy of the final film, autographed by the students and filmmakers.

Pledge $1000

All the excitement listed above-- PLUS a MYSTERY present. AND the director will take you out to lunch. (In NYC, NC, Washington DC, LA, San Francisco, or Korea. Or if we can't meet up in person-- a really exciting Skype conversation! And our sincere appreciation.)

Pledge Your Own Amount
Pledge whatever amount you choose!

Questions? E-mail Kelley.Katzenmeyer@gmail.com, or leave on comment on our film's Facebook Page.